How Many Google AdSense Ads Allowed Per Page? Today we will talk about that how many ads you can place on per page unit.

a. A Maximum of three AdSense for content units (text, image or rich media) on one webpage.

b. A maximum of three AdSense link units (horizontal or vertical)

c. A maximum of two Google Search Boxes on one web page (it can be Google custom search as well but make sure the Google logo is visible).

d. One Video AdSense unit (this has been discontinued)

Google AdSense program does not permit AdSense ad code to be placed in email messages or newsletters. Nor are you allowed to add AdSense ads in software application, browser tools, extensions, etc.

The Google AdSense code may be implemented only on web-based pages.

How Many Google AdSense Ads Allowed Per Page?

Currently, on each page AdSense publishers may place:

  • Up to three AdSense for content units
  • Up to three link units
  • Up to two search boxes

Ensuring proper ad placement


Ad limit per page

Publishers may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page. We define a “large” ad unit as any unit similar in size to our 300×600 format. For example, this would include our 300×1050 and 970×250 formats, our 750×200 and 580×400 regional formats, and any other custom sized ad with comparable dimensions.

However, keep in mind that placing the maximum number of allowed ad units on a page might result in it looking cluttered. Read our optimization guidelines for tips on where to place your ads. For best practices on custom sized ad units, review our custom-sized ad units page.

The above ad limits also apply to mobile sites. In addition, two or more AdSense ads may not appear on the screen at the same time on a mobile site.

Auto-refreshing ads

Publishers are not permitted to refresh a page or an element of a page without the user requesting a refresh. This includes placing ads on pages or in placements that auto-redirect or auto-refresh. Additionally, publishers may not display the ads for a preset time (i.e., pre-roll) before users can view content such as videos, games, or downloads.

via Goolge Ad Policies


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