FIX: MAMP MySQL server won’t start, a usual MAMP headache : I’m currently using MAMP for local PHP development on OS Sierra. It works ok, except for a tendency to bug out when starting up again after first quitting the application once. So if you get the “Error: Could not connect to MySQL server!” notice, here’s a fix:

FIX: MAMP MySQL server won’t start, a usual MAMP headache

  1. Quit MAMP
  2. Open the terminal and type: killall -9 mysqld
  3. Restart MAMP

That should do it. If it’s still not working, then try this method.


Remove the files ib_logfileN (N being the number) from the MAMP/db/mysql56 folder.

Then restart MAMP.

Should Work!!

P.S Make sure to quit MAMP before you delete those files…

Once you have MAMP up and running this window the start page what I call it will be popped up and running! Tada! Don’t forget to subscribe us on social media so you don’t miss out on juicy tips!


*** UPDATE 5th Feb 2018 ***



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